Patient Services



Rebecca is our first and lasting impressions manager and keeps our administration hub running smoothly and efficiently. Rebecca looks after appointments, scheduling, patient records and is our first point of call for a  multitude of general enquiries. Rebecca is regularly in touch with patients ensuring they come prepared to make the most of their appointment with the Specialist. She ensures patient information is accurate, up today and stored securely. Rebecca delivers outstanding first and last impressions aiming to make your visit to ear nose throat Ballarat a memorable experience.




Maxine is our practice engineer responsible for keeping the wheels turning every day, making sure the lights are on, the door is open and everything is functioning as it should be. She works closely with our Specialists who are extremely busy people with tight schedules between hospitals, medical rooms, teaching commitments and meetings. Maxine ensures they get to where they need to be each day and on time. She keeps ent ballarat up to date with the latest technology and changes which improve patient services. Occasionally taking time to use her imagination and innovation thinking about what the future might look like for ent Ballarat.