Rebecca BartlettAudiologist

    Audiologist, Aural Specialist

    Rebecca Bartlett has been an audiologist since graduating from Curtin University (with a double degree, Psychology and Audiology) in Western Australia in 1992, however, She has spent most of her working life in Ballarat. She has also had the pleasure and incredible experience of working in hearing clinics in various developing countries with a charity called EARS Inc., training local staff in audiology. Rebecca Bartlett spent the last seven years in Africa where there is very limited access to clinical services, ear canal management, and in particularly wax occlusion, therefore, it is a significant problem for these communities.

    Working in this environment with limited resources and medical support has enhanced and developed her skills as an audiologist and communicator. Rebecca Bartlett feels very grateful for having had the opportunity to train others in the craft of audiology and bringing this much needed service to developing Countries.  Together with her husband Peter who is also an audiologist, they established the first hearing clinic in Malawi, which now has seven clinical staff and services thousands of people each year. They also developed an audiology degree program in Malawi.

    As part of Rebecca Bartlett’s continual professional development, She has completed two courses in Ear Canal Management approved by Audiology Australia and supervised by an Ear Nose and Throat specialist.

    Hearing loss or reduced hearing from wax impaction is very debilitating and frustrating and affects your quality of life. Being able to offer a timely and safe removal of ear wax and ear canal examination is very rewarding when you see the joy on a patient’s face when they can hear clearly again. Rebecca Bartlett is so happy to be able to bring her experience in this area back home to Ballarat and to be working with such a highly skilled team of Specialists at ENT Ballarat.

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